Dahlia Gillespie is the main antagonist of the original Silent Hill game. She has also been in Silent Hill Origins, a prequel to the first game and the Silent Hill Movie.

Dahlia Gillespie
Silent Hill, Silent Hill Origins, Shattered Memories
Referenced in:
Silent Hill 4
Alessa Gillespie, Christabella (film)


In Silent HillEdit

Dahlia's story in Silent Hill...

In Silent Hill OriginsEdit


In Silent Hill Origins

Dahlia's story in Silent Hill Origins..

In the Silent Hill MovieEdit


As played by Debra Kara Unger

Dahlia's story in the Silent Hill movie...

In Shattered MemoriesEdit

Dahlia's story in Shattered memories...


  • In Silent Hill 4, Henry comes across a letter whic asks "Have you found Alessa yet?". The letter was from Dahlia.

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