Forbidden Siren or Sairen is a Japanese Horror film based loosely on the video game Forbidden Siren 2. It was released at the same time as the 2nd game but only in Japan.

Forbidden Siren
Not released in US/Europe
Yukihiko Tsutsumi
Naoya Takayama

Cast & CrewEdit


(Character - Actor/Actress)

Yuki Amamoto - Yui Ichikawa
Shinichi Amamoto - Leo Morimoto
Yutaka Minamida - Naoki Tanaka
Kei Tsuchida - Hiroshi Abe
Satomi - Naomi Nishida
Azuma - Suzuki Matsuo
Police Officer - Kyûsaku Shimada
Girl in Red - Mai Takahashi
Hideo Amamoto - Jun Nishiyama


Directed - Yukihiko Tsutsumi
Writer - Naoya Takayama
Executive Producer - Kei Haruna
Original Music - Kuniaki Haishima
Cinematography - Satoru Karasawa
Editing by - Nobuyuki Ito
Art Direction - Naoki Soma
Visual Effects - Kôji Nozaki


The main plot of the film here...

References to the gameEdit

  • The Police Officer that can be seen throughout the film is designed on the same Police officer from the original game Forbidden Siren
  • In a scene where Yuki looks around a deserted market, 'Azteca Queen' can be heard in the background. This record was an archive item (#41) in Forbidden Siren 2.
  • The song that is sung by the washer women is also taken from the second game. The lyrics are different but in the game, the song is sung by Yuri Kishida.
  • The metal tower that can be seen on a mountain top is designed from the second game.
  • Mai Takahashi who plays 'Lady in Red' also plays Yuri Kishida in Forbidden Siren 2.


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