Silent Hill
15(UK), R(US)
Christophe Gans
Roger Avery

In 2006, Silent Hill was transformed into a movie directed by Christophe Gans. It is loosely based on the events of Silent Hill 1 but instead of following Harry Mason, the movie follows Rose Da Silva who is looking for her missing daughter Sharron.

Cast & CrewEdit


Rose Da Silva - Radha Mitchell
Cybil Bennett - Laurie Holden
Dahlia Gillespie - Deborah Kara Unger
Christopher Da Silva - Sean Bean
Christabella - Alice Krige
Officer Thomas Gucci - Kim Coates
Anna - Tanya Allen
Sharron Da Silva/Alessa Gillespie - Jodelle Farland


Directed - Christophe Gans
Writer - Roger Avery
Producer - Samuel Hadida
Executive Producers - Victor Hadida & Akira Yamaoka
Costume Designer - Wendy Partridge
Make-Up Effects - Paul Jones
Creature Effects - Patrick Tatopoulas
Movement Co-Ordinator - Roberto Campanella


Pyramid Head/Janitor - Roberto Campanella
Patient Demon - Michael Cota
Grey Child - Yvonne Ng


The main plot of the film here...


  • The roles of Christopher and Officer Gucci were put in after producers complained over the all female cast.
  • In the Making Of documentary included in the DVD it is confirmed that Sean Bean was the last actor to be cast for the film.
  • All the creatures in the film were played by dancers in costumes primarily made of latex. Christophe Gans thought it would add more to the film which is why CGI effects weren't used.
  • Movement Co-Ordinator, Roberto Campanella also plays the role of Pyramid Head and the Janitor at Midwitch Elementary School.
  • Roger Avary has stated that he nor Christophe Gans will be working on the sequel. [1]
  • There is going to be a total of 3 movies coming out [2]


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