The Tattooed Priestess or Reika Kuze is the main antagonist of Project Zero III.

Tattooed Priestess
Fatal Frame III: The Tormented
Real Name
Reika Kuze
Sweep, Touch
Throughout, Battle x1


Who was the ghost when they were alive? How did they die?


Reika wears only a long blue skirt, her top completely bare showing blue tattoos all over her body. She has long black hair which partly covers her face. A cold mist can be seen surrounding her body making her look freezing cold.


Reika is the final boss in Fatal Frame III and she has 3 attacks:

  1. Her first method of attack is slowly approaching you from any direction aiming to touch you.
  2. Her second attack is her flying attack. In the boss battle she's acompanied by a spectre that looks like fog with wings which lifts her into the air. She'll then swoop down and fly into you which is hard to avoid if equipped with the Camera Obscura.
  3. Her third attack is the deadliest. She'll make the air turn Miasmic (Pitch Black) making her hard to see until it's almost too late. She's a bit more persistant in this case, running faster and one touch will kill you (unless you have a Stone Mirror).


  • Reika means Sub Zero[1]


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